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  At Javon James New York, we believe that a dress shirt should be just that, dressy and not ill-fitting. In order for that to happen, the shirt must fit well all over from the neck, to the shoulder, the waist the sleeve and the cuff. The same applies for casual shirts. Fit is paramount. This is what we strive to bring to our customers, a great fitting as well as a great looking shirt along with our accessories.

  Our shirts are expertly tailored in Vietnam and China and our accessories are sourced here in the United States. The shirts and accessories we offer, we wear them ourselves. We believe that if our products aren't good enough for us to wear, they aren't good enough to sell to you. That is how much we believe in our products.

 The Founder Javon J. Mount is an experienced Designer who attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and graduated with a degree in Fashion Design. Since then he has spent the last 20 + years working for major apparel companies in New York City designing both men and womens-wear.

 We decided to start this business because the Founder found that whenever he purchased a shirt dress or casual, he would always end up altering the shirts for a better fit. After years of doing this, and becoming an expert at fit , construction and quality fabrics, we decided to launch Javon James New York to share our expertise with you. Since we design and wear the shirts we sell, we no longer have to alter the shirts for a better fit and we trust that you won't either.

 The base of operations for Javon James New York is located in New York City